Cinderella Cinderella

Cinderella is a 7-year-old black female born in December 2001. Cinderella had a very respectable racing career in the state of Texas, with more than 50 races during 2003 to 2005. She then went on to help other dogs by being a blood donor. Cinderella has a beautiful, shiny black coat and the most gorgeous white face. She is a happy girl with an easy-going personality.

Cinderella’s cat test: Cinderella did not have much interest in the cats. She got a few sniffs in and then moved on to check other things out. A little later she followed Pepper down the hall and sniffed her and walked on by. Cinderella should be cat trainable. As always, introduce her to any new cats with caution and a muzzle. What a sweet, happy girl. Hopefully she will be happy to see small dogs (at a later time).


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