Christy, aka AJN Omar N Red, is a 7 year old black female born on May 11, 2014. Her sire is Omar Visa and her dam in Beautiful N Red. Christy has an astonishing 170 races to her credit. She will be tested with cats and small ani-mals soon.

Christy is such a beautiful girl! She has tuxedo coloring, and she has funny floppy ears that go in different directions. One ear says 12:00 and the other ear says 3:00. What time is it? Time to find a forever family!

Christy has been an absolutely amazing foster dog! She has learned everything so fast. She has never had an accident in the house, and she learned how to use the dog door the very first day. She is a wonderful walker, and she thinks walking is the best thing ever! A couple of nights ago we thought the weather was too rough to walk and she followed us around and she barked at us indignantly like, “Hey – why the heck are you not taking me for a walk?”

Christy loves stuffed toys. She carries them around the house and takes her favorites into the yard. She loves to play in our yard and is always the instigator of any doggie games that happen outside.

Christy gets along very well with our permanent dog and any other dog she has encountered. She also seems to be happy to be alone. She sleeps by herself in the family room every night. She doesn’t need to be around other people or dogs during the night. We think this might be an indication that she could be okay as an only dog.

Christy is very, very affectionate. She throws a doggie parade every time we come home from being out and floods us with kisses. We were only gone for a few hours, but she missed us soooooo much! When we sit on a chair to tie our shoes, she thinks we are intentionally coming down to her level and smothers us with hugs!

Christy is a bit of a counter surfer and we have been training her that she is not allowed to have things from the counter, and we think we are breaking her of that habit. Still, raw chicken breast is so tempting! Sometimes it's more about teaching us...

Christy loves treats! Lately we have been giving her pumpkin spice latte doggie treats. She adores them! Who wouldn’t love anything that is pumpkin spice flavored?

Christy is very well behaved and is a people pleaser. She does everything we need her to do and tries very hard to predict what we want from her. She tolerates showers and nail trims very well. She doesn’t chew on anything and she very seldom barks – unless she feels like we might have forgotten to take her on a walk or something…

Christy's Foster Parents