Christy is an almost 2 year old brindle female born in 2018. She was found as a stray and turned into Forrest Hill Animal Care and is double tattooed. That’s all that we know about her. Christy is undergoing her medical evaluation. She should not live with cats nor small dogs.

What a beautiful, quiet, loving girl Christy has turned out to be. It took her a few days after she first arrived to venture out to eat with the others and has never looked back. Now she loves being where others are, although she'll happily sleep in a room by herself.

Christy LOVES toys. She collects toys and bones from all the 5 toy boxes. If clothes or shoes are left around, she'll collect those too. In fact she'll collect those from the hamper or the open washing machine. She'll definitely keep you laughing at her antics.

To say she is a good girl is an understatement. She is calm on lead, rides well in a car, loves to eat, loves to be loved and will roll over to have her tummy rubbed once you begin petting her.

Christy's forever home should have another large or medium sized companion dog and want to go on walkies. Having a house with a backyard is preferable as Christy prefers to do her business in her yard and not on a walk. Not only is she a stunning brindle girl, she's just a delight to have around. Christy is good for your heart and your soul.

Christy's Foster Parents

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