Chopper Chopper

Chopper, aka Tyville Chopper, is a 4½-year-old brindle male born January 18, 2004. His sire is Dodgem By Design, making his grand sire Gable Dodge, and his dam is Tyville Vicki B, making his grand sire Molotov. Chopper ran 134 races with 19 races being either Grade AA or Stakes races. His racing career began on September 1, 2005 at Dairyland in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with a stop in Dubuque, Iowa, and ending at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, Texas, on February 28, 2008. He is quite handsome with his big white blaze that runs from his chest all the way up to his throat. Chopper also has a big personality and can be quite a clown. After introducing Chopper to cats, it will be better for all concerned – Chopper and the cats – if Chopper is in a home without cats. He may do better with small dogs. We will test him at a later time.


Chopper is settling in nicely with my other hounds. He is a little on the timid side, but he's a very sweet boy. Chopper discovered the furry toys (all of them) and tends to walk around the house with one of them in his mouth at all times. He even likes to play with the tennis balls (sort of looks like a huge cat with zero coordination)...pretty entertaining.

He's been the perfect gentleman in the house and is progressing with his obedience training and house training – he's graduated from wearing his belly band with no accidents over the past week. He is sleeping outside his crate at night and doing very well in that department, too.

I've discovered that he is a very low-key guy pretty much all the time – so a nice settled home would be fine for him. He's showing a little interest in my newest foster addition (Pirate), but we'll see where that leads. Since Pirate joined the household a few days ago, Chopper has let him know that all the toys are "his" (he thinks). Otherwise, you can generally observe Chopper on his back with his legs up....

Chopper's Foster Mom


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