Chip Chip

Chip, aka Celebrator, is a 4-year-old, red brindle male born on September 22, 2002. Chip's sire is CJ Pepto Geno and his dam is Shes Awoowootoo. Chip began his racing career in May of 2004, taking a few spins around the Multnomah track in Wood Village, OR, before moving to the Valley Race Park outside of Harlingen. Chip then competed briefly at the Flagler and Naples tracks in Florida, but after 35 mediocre races, he realized life must have something else in store for him. Giving it some thought, Chip decided that his happy-go-lucky disposition would be better suited in a home than on a race track, so he is now looking for a soft, comfy dog bed to call his own. Chip is not cat tolerant, but he hasn't had the opportunity to meet any small dogs yet.


Chip was at the front of the line when they were handing out lovable and huggable. He is a very affectionate hound. He looks for it from the humans and from the other Greys in the house. He is very curious about everything and it serves him well since being in a house is new to him. He follows you from room to room and wants to play with anything that is on the floor. He can be very helpful in the kitchen if you are messy. Whatever you are chopping never gets to the floor; he cleans it up while it is in the air. He helps pull things out of the dryer so they do not wrinkle, and he even helps Max when he is afraid during a thunderstorm. He is not at all nervous during bad weather. Because he likes company, he will stay up with Max and it has a calming effect on him.

He is a happy boy and walks well on a leash. (I think he would jog on a leash, if we could jog for any distance.) While he is not small animal safe, he learned in about one day that the bird in the cage is not for him. He's a good boy in the house. He likes to run and play outside, too. He even gets into the pool and lays in the water. He learned to go up and down the stairs on his first try. He has a high-pitched bark to let you know he wants to go out (kind of like Mike Tyson, the fighter, has that high-pitched voice that does not go with his big muscular body). Chip is also a big, muscular boy. He is a good eater and is always ready to play or cuddle.

He will do well with someone who likes to walk and play with him. He's young and has plenty of energy. He will certainly get along with other Greys, and he likes treats and toys. A good name for him would be Brutus, because he is so big and regal. His paws are big and his coat is shiny and thick. He is a handsome boy who walks with purpose, with his head held high. Yet he is sweet and huggable and always ready to share his bed and toys with the other hounds.

In the time we have had him, he has learned many things. He knows to go to the laundry room as we are getting ready to leave (his substitute crate). He has not had any accidents while we are gone, and he settled right into our daily routine like he has lived here for years. This precious boy is ready for his forever home.

Chip's Foster Family
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