Chet Chet

Chet, aka Yopon Chet, is a 5-year-old, white and fawn male, born on August 13, 2001 to sire, Katsu Giddo, and dam, Yopon Gracie. After competing in 143 races, Chet left the circuit in February of 2006, almost three years after his first race. Chet was a regular at Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis, he also competed at Corpus Christi, and then reached Grade AA at Valley Park, outside of Harlingen. Now busy researching what the life of a retiree entails, Chet is eager to sample the comforts of a soft dog bed and the temptations of some squeaky toys. Chet is cat tolerant but has not been tested with small dogs.


Chet is a gorgeous greyhound, but mostly a loveable lug. He has no idea he's beautiful and is such a greyt pal! He comes up for affection and loves a good ear rub and back scratching or massage. One of his favorite things to do is nuzzle his face between your arm and body...or your armpit. Chet has been living with 3 other male greyhounds and a female terrier mix in his foster home. They get along greyt! He is also very respectful of the cat. He does give a frustrated woof when the cat is sitting in my lap and won't allow him near for some TLC, though.

While most greyhounds are not barkers, The Chetters can have a tendency to alert the household of any outdoor activity. The verbal alert has calmed down considerably the last few weeks, however. Garbage trucks and the chronic barker on the other side of the fence next door have high bark factors, though. He's still very watchful of outdoor activity and his "mule ears" are a common sight. You probably won't see them at a meet and greet, however (we tried so hard to get pictures!).

Chet enjoys long naps, playing with squeaky toys and chewing on knuckle bones like a typical greyhound. He crates very nicely and is also very good about staying off furniture. His foster home has a doggie door. Come meet this handsome athlete and make him your best buddy!

Chet's Foster Mom
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