Che Che Che Che

Che Che is a red brindle female, born April 2, 2004 to sire Craigie Whistler and dam Odd Echo. Che Che retired early from her career of 17 races at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, due to an injury that appeared to be a torn ligament. However, after evaluation and x-rays by Dr. Jeff Ellis at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital, and Dr. Bob Radasch at Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, it was determined that Che Che had suffered two fractures on the back side of her pelvis. Dr. Radasch recommends no treatment, as the fractures are calcifying on their own. Che Che barely shows any evidence of the injury at all now, and goes on long walks just like her foster brothers. Dr. Radasch does not anticipate any problems further down the line for Che Che except possibly some arthritis, and absolutely nothing that affects her quality of life. It is not known at this time if Che Che is small animal or cat tolerant.

Apparently no one bothered to tell Che Che she had a broken pelvis! When she first came to stay, she would "hop" occasionally but didn't act like anything was wrong. Now there's virtually no indication she had an injury and she even runs, especially when she hears the bowl being filled with food. She gets along very well with our two male greys and although she's the youngest and smallest, she is sometimes the bossiest! She likes to distribute stuffies all over the house - just to make sure one is handy wherever she is.

Che Che

She's a talker and we really believe she can tell time. By 7:30 in the morning, if we haven't fed her, she will "talk" to us in a low tone..."arrrr arrrr arrrr", not a growl but almost words as if to say "come on, breakfast time". And she does love her walks and keeps up with those much bigger boys, one ear always perked up looking ahead for something of interest.

Che Che is very companionable, spending lots of time with me in my office during the day, and is friendly with strangers. She crates while we're gone and sleeps in her crate at night, although we leave the door open but gate the entry to our bedroom. She doesn't get out or wander around, though, she's too busy snoozing like she's supposed to.

Che Che is a very sweet, funny, lovable little girl who will win your heart with her greyt personality.

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