Charlie is a 16 month old handsome red brindle with a black muzzle male born June 3, 2006. His sire is the famous Flying Penske and his dam is Hard Faith. Charlie is the "B" dog in the litter, and he was not individually registered. GALT was contacted saying Charlie was indeed a special boy, asking if we could take him. He is a very personable, sweet loving boy.

Charlie had way too much interest in the cats. Even after the cat slapped him across the muzzle a few times and hissed and growled at him, he really did not want to back off. A little while later I had him follow the cat down the hall to another room, and he followed and went into the room with Molly hissing along the way. He kept right up with her. So I would say that Charlie is not cat trainable. We'll see how he does with small dogs later.

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