Sheriff Sheriff

Charles, aka Reble Charleston, is a 3.5 year old born September 17, 2015. His sire is Eyes Loaded and his dam is Bonafide Fun. Chalres has 54 races on record from 2017 to 2018 in Florida and Iowa. Charles's career ended when he suffered an ankle injury which healed before he arrived.

At first he was a bit scared of all the new surroundings, having previously spent all of his life in a kennel or training for the track. I do not kennel my hounds, so being free to roam was new to him. Eventually, he started warming up and liked the ear rubs and back scratches. The next morning, I awoke to his nose sticking over the edge of the bed almost screaming for more “eargasms” as I’ve grown to call them. He’s just gotten better and better. He follows me around like there is a leash between us and he has become a true “Velcro” hound and is a real sweetheart. He eats well. He is very curious of the various things in the house. A couple of times, he has been caught trying to counter surf, but I was prepared with a water squirt bottle and only had to douse him twice before he figured out that surfing was against the house rules. He gets along with my 2 other hounds and has never caused any issues.

If I didn’t already have 2 hounds, I’d keep him in a heartbeat, Charles/Charlie is a really soft brindle boy and will make someone a great new buddy.

Charles' Foster Dad

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