Charles Charles

Charles, aka Mr. Charles, is a handsome, 2½-year-old brindle male born March 14, 2006. His sire is Fuzzys Braxton and his dam is Flo, making his grand sire the late famous Molotov. There are no races credited to Charles on his record at Greyhound-Data. Charles was found as a stray in the Cleburne area, specifically around the yard of an industrial business. The workers there fed him for weeks, until one of them saw that Charles had a large wound on the right side of his neck. He was able to capture Charles and took him home to his mother, who is an avid animal lover and rescuer. GALT received the call soon thereafter and a dedicated GALT volunteer and adopter picked Charles up. Dr. Jeff Ellis of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital medically evaluated Charles and was able to clean and staple the wound, which seems to have occurred as the result of some kind of impaling. Charles’ staples will come out around September 30. Charles is looking now for his forever home.

Charles passed his cat test quite easily. He met all three cats and really wasn't interested. He obliged us with a couple of sniffs, but still didn't care. He's not shy or anything; just didn't care about the kitties. Hopefully he will feel the same way about small dogs.

Charles Charles

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