Charity is a sweet 6½-year-old white-and-black female greyhound, born in April 1997. Her registration number is double tattooed, so her history is unknown. Charity was a stray from the Vernon shelter, and she came to GALT severely underweight - only 45 pounds at that time. She had many pressure sores on her body, the worst being a lesion on her right elbow, as well as a tail injury. She has been cared for in a wonderful foster home, and she has gained weight. Her sores are almost all healed up and she is ready to find her forever home. Charity gets along well with other dogs and appears to be cat tolerant.

Charity has been in my home for about six weeks, and she is showing some of that cute personality we knew she had deep down inside. She loves to play with squeaky toys of any shape or size, front haunches down and hindquarters in the air, tail a waggin'. She has put on those much-needed pounds, her coat is shiny and she smiles (and I mean really smiles) when she first wakes up and when she gets excited. Step by step, she is gaining her confidence and making the effort to come to me now instead of the other way around.

Her tail is 100% healed, as are most of her other pressure sores. You can still see the loss of hair around her front elbow, but it is now only light pink, and the hair is trying to grow back.

She is a very smart girl. It only took her three days to learn to "sit" and "down". However, I believe most of the credit goes to Sophie (my grey), who is happy to teach the foster kids just how easy it can be to "get mom to give you a treat." She does enjoy flipping over and sleeping on her back when she is comfortable with her environment. I think Charity would love for her "forever home" to have a playmate or two to make her life complete.

Charity's Foster Mom
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