Chance, aka Rapido Chance, is a very handsome 5-year-old red fawn male, born April 25, 2000. His sire is Buzz Around, making his grand sire Dutch Bahama, and his dam is Rapido Charm, making his great-grand sire Wigwam Wag. Chance's racing career started October 18, 2002, at Orange Park in Florida and included 157 races at Naples-Ft. Myers, Melbourne, and Ebro before finishing at Valley Greyhound Park in Harlingen on April 1, 2005. It is indeed time for his retirement and his forever couch! It is not known at this time if Chance is small animal or cat tolerant.


Chance is a pro at using the doggie door. He gets along great with other dogs; he has not needed either the kennel or the muzzle. He is a natural leader (not bossy, but willing to be the alpha dog where, as in our home, none of the other dogs care too much for that role). He is outgoing, friendly, and intelligent.

Right now we are working on curbing his oral fixation and foot fetish. He loves to have things in his mouth, so we are trying to teach him which things are his (like rawhides and toys) and which are not (like socks and slippers). It is a work in progress as he has a serious foot fetish; he loves socks and slippers! So far it seems that he does not intend to destroy those items, but he just likes gnawing a little (sometimes even if there is a foot in the slipper…but no worry, absolutely no biting of the foot or anything like that).

He is learning though. We think his gnawing can be caused by some lingering stress due to his major lifestyle change when going from the race track kennel to a home. Yesterday, we were packing some boxes (because we may be moving to a new house in late June), and he got very excited about the newspaper we were wrapping dishes in. It appeared he was excited to see something familiar! Straight away he took to shredding the paper, as he probably did in his kennel as a racer. We told him no and stopped him, replacing the newspaper with a rawhide, but the shredded paper actually came in very handy for packing dishes.

He is exceptionally cute; we call him "The Ham" because he is so good at eliciting petting from people. Chance will make a wonderful companion to his very own special family, and we cannot wait for him to be introduced to you!

Chance's Foster Parents
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