Cassie, fka Runaway Freeway is a 2 1/2 year old brindle female born September 25, 2017. Her sire is KC And All and her dam is Uncompromised. Cassie ran 58 races. She is small dog tolerant and will be tested for cat tolerance soon.

Cassie is a beautiful brindle with rich brown eyes and a white blaze on her chest. Her velvety black ears are small and neat. She has a gorgeous, dense coat with no bare spots. Cassie is an honorably retired athlete with 58 races on her record. Despite her career, and a taste for competition, she’s gentle and appropriate with my 10-lb. Chihuahua mix and she accepts deferential face licking from one of my other fosters.

Cassie is a gentle soul who enjoys her peaceful retirement life. She has a kindness about her that is hard to define. She’s smart, understood the dog door instantly, and hasn’t had an accident in the house. She very quickly learned the crate was her friend because she is fed there. Cassie is not a counter surfer, she isn’t a chewer, she doesn’t get on the furniture and her house manners are about as perfect as I have ever seen. Cassie’s only concern is about my tile. Sometimes she acts like she’s afraid to cross tile, and food will coax her in the direction I need her to go. She walks very nicely on a leash and enjoys a stroll in the evening. She enjoys romping in the yard with the rest of the pack in the morning before it gets too hot. She doesn’t bark and greets guests happily.

A crate will be a must in the home that’s lucky enough to be adopted by this sweet girl. Not because she needs to be confined, but because the loves napping and sleeping overnight in the cushy, well-appointed crate in my home. She eats her meals there, so it quickly became her happy place. If the crate has already been spoken for at bedtime, no problem. She chooses from three beds and sleeps through the night.

Cassie currently lives with all females. Despite being a successful competitor, she does not challenge my senior female and is polite to everyone. Cassie is looking to become part of a pack in a home with humans to love on her. A yard to run in would be a huge bonus. I don’t believe she would enjoy apartment life or like being an only dog.

Cassie's Foster Mom