Casper Casper

Casper is a white-with-fawn-ticking male greyhound thought to be about 2½ years old. Since he is not tattooed his age an estimate. Casper, along with Twila, was found as a stray and taken to the Amarillo Humane Society, so his past history is totally unknown. Casper is a sweet, quiet boy who loves being around people.

Casper and the cats: Casper showed some interest in the cats but seemed to quickly lose interest. If he lives with kitties he will need to be kept an eye on and as always, the precaution of wearing a muzzle and telling him “No Kitty!!” should help him be okay with cats. Casper should be cat trainable.


Casper is one of the most affectionate hounds I have been around. He is quite the Velcro dog. If you get out of his sight, he quickly tries to find you and runs from room to room looking for you. If it takes too long to find you, he will whimper until you assure him you are still around and that everything is going to be okay. Then he will go lay back down.

Casper was found as a stray, but I'm almost certain he had been in a home prior to GALT rescuing him. This boy loves the furniture. The very first night he was in my house, he was up on the couch like he had lived here forever. We are still working on him not getting on the furniture, but it's a task. He will stay down if we are in the living room, but if I am in the kitchen and not paying attention to him, he will jump up and just fall asleep as fast as he can. I'm certain he thinks I won't make him get down if he just looks really cute sleeping. His favorite sleeping position is on his back with all 4's straight up in the air. He is so silly.


Casper is such a laid-back boy. You can go lay on him or love on him while he is sleeping and he just eats it up. The best thing about this sweet boy is the way he plays. This boy LOVES his toys!! Our favorite thing to do is play in the back yard with his football. The second he steps foot outside to potty, he runs and grabs it. He even holds it in his mouth while he goes potty. It is so funny to watch. After he has done his "business," if nobody is out there with him, he will toss the football in the air and catch it. Then he will run all over the yard with it and if one of our other dogs tries to take it, he will fake left, then fake right and then throw it up in the air again! Nobody has ever been able to get it from him! Maybe the Dallas Cowboys need to sign him for their team!!! He is also one of few greyhounds that will actually fetch. If we are out there with him, he will bring us his ball and drop it at our feet wanting us to throw it. Once we throw it, he brings it right back. He would do this all day if we could just keep up with him!!!

Casper is crate trained and stays in a crate while we are at work during the day. He goes in willingly with a treat.

This boy is such a wonderful, laid-back, playful hound. Come meet Casper!  He just may be the greyhound you are looking for!!!

Casper's Foster Mom
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