Cara is a six month old white and black female born March 3, 2018. She is the result of an "oops" litter born in southwestern Oklahoma, where the mom is a greyhound and dad is a staghound. Cara already is taking after her dad in size. It is not known if Cara is cat tolerant at this time.

Cara is a bundle of wonderful energy. She loves to run and boy can she can jump. She loves her foster brother and sister and expects them to play whenever the mood strikes her, which is often.

She fears nothing. Cara loves all toys and strews them across the house, but nothing slakes her playful thirst like an empty water bottle.

Cara is excellent in a car and lies down immediately, and is still working on learning how to jump in the rear of an SUV.

She crates well and sleeps at least eight hours every night. She knows to ring the bell on the door knob to go out, although sometimes she rings it just to go out and play.

Cara’s good in the house, and is always moving. She knows what “no” means and “drop it”, though on occasion will choose to ignore the commands.

When you can get her to sit still she’s a cuddle bug. Cara is always aware of what’s going on so in order to feed her I contain her to one area until she eats otherwise it will take all day for her to eat.

Cara would adore a home with other dogs to play with, a yard to run around, LOTS of toys to keep her busy and a family to love who will constantly take ridiculously delightful pictures of her.

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