Cannon Cannon

Cannon is a 9-year-old red male born in January 2000. His racing career followed in the steps of his lineage, racking up more than 100 races under his belt, all in the state of Florida from 2001 to 2004. He then went on to help other dogs by being a blood donor. Cannon is a smaller boy with beautiful amber eyes who is ready for the life of retirement.

Cannon and the cats: Cannon was a bit afraid of the cats. Once Molly hissed at him he decided he wanted nothing to do with cats. After a while he was finally convinced that mild-mannered Pepper would not hurt him, so he got a couple of sniffs of her and then moved on. His ears went up and he followed a bit when the cats moved, but when they stopped he stopped and walked away.  I would say that Cannon is cat trainable, but remember to always use precaution and a muzzle when introducing him to new cats. He has not been introduced to small dogs yet.

Cannon is a very, very sweet and loving boy! He is about the happiest greyhound I have met. When you call his name and he is sitting where he can see you he smiles at you, but if he is in another room he comes running with ears and tail alert as if to say "What, you called me – what can I do?!" He absolutely loves to be loved on and is only a little persistent about it right when you get home. Otherwise he comes up every now and then to get a pet and hug, and then it is off to his favorite dog bed to snooze.

Cannon likes to eat but he waits patiently (he is about the 6th in line to get his food) for his bowl to be put down, then eats and does not bother anyone else eating – he just runs to the door to be let out when he is finished. He is not a messy eater; there is never a mess on the floor.


He gets along with the other dogs at our house and pretty much ignores the cats. Although every once in awhile when he is feeling playful, he will try to get Molly to play. Silly boy!!! He does not counter surf or get into anything. Cannon does not mind his crate at all and will come running and go right in and lay down when called to do so. What a good boy.

Cannon likes to play with stuffed toys once in awhile, for a brief amount of time. He tosses the toys in the air and chases them.

It only takes a "No!" to get him to stop doing something that he should not be doing, which is very seldom. He has good house manners and wants to please. At night he sleeps quietly on a dog bed in the bedroom with his foster brothers and sisters. He gets up when you do (unless he has to go potty). He seems to adjust well to change as long as there is a soft bed for him.

Cannon did have some 'potty outside' adjustment issues. He has learned that he needs to go outside to do his business but occasionally will have an accident in the house. We put a belly band to good use. He had some "unlearning" to do – but he is getting the hang of it!!

Cannon is enjoying life in a home, loving those soft dog beds and would love to have his own special forever home and family to love him. I think he would be okay having a fur-brother or sister, but would also be okay as an only dog.

If you're looking for a very sweet, charming, and well-behaved gentleman – Cannon might be just the sweetie for you.

Cannon's Foster Family
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