Candy, fka T Candy Episode, is a 3.5 year old white and black female born on October 31, 2017. Her sire is Bob’s Skeet and her dam is Keeper Ticket. According to Greyhound Data, she has 61 races. Candy is neither cat nor small dog tolerant.

Let’s just say Candy is appropriately named, she is sweet girl! Set against her white coat, Candy has the most adorable spotty Dalmatian ears. She is an easygoing girl with an enormous affection for stuffed toys. Her forever family may need the ability to repair, or have a separate toy budget – Candy is known to destroy the toys…so fair warning!

Candy is busy learning the ropes of life in a home. She eats from her own bowl and goes into her kennel for a treat. She has learned the dog door and does all her business outside. She does not seem interested to play with our other hounds and keeps to herself with her stuffed toys.

We have a large yard and the critters outside are quite interesting! Candy is not cat or small dog (or small anything) safe and while she isn’t vocal (except during thunderstorms), an apartment environment may have too many distractions. It’s been rather hot so have not done a lot of walking. Candy is smart and I’m sure would pick it up quickly.

If you’re looking for a striking greyhound that will be easy to accessorize for all holidays – Candy is your girl.

Candy's Foster Family