Calvin, aka Gable Cratchit, is a 3-year-old red brindle male born December 25, 2007 - a Christmas grey! His sire is Gable Oscar, and his dam is Coldwater Theda. Calvin has 39 races to his credit on, starting on November 6, 2009 at Gulf Greyhound Park and ending on December 11, 2010 at Wheeling Downs.

This handsome boy is ready for retirement. Calvin is not small animal or cat tolerant.

Calvin is a wonderful boy - he is both a cuddler and independent! Loves attention and affection, and is also intelligent and eager to please - we're working on teaching him several tricks. He's excited about adventures! He jumps right into the car and wants to see where we're going. Walks may be his favorite thing aside from collecting his toys and moving them from room to room.

When we have to reprimand him for not following the rules of the house, which happens less and less, he will stick his head under the couch or bed in mortification. We don't let Calvin on the furniture, but he certainly would join us up there for a cuddle if allowed. He knows to potty outside, and is learning that the kitchen countertops are off limits.

Calvin gets along with other large dogs, and is good with children. He is also confident enough to be an only pet.

Calvin's Foster Parents

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