Cadet, fka Turbo Cadet, is a 2 year old brindle male born on April 13, 2018. His sire is Gable Sour Cream and his dam is Im All That. Cadet tried 21 races in Florida before deciding it wasn’t for him. He is undergoing medical evaluation. Cadet should not live with cats nor small dogs.

Cadet is a sweet, happy boy who really wants to please. He constantly looks for approval that he’s a good guy and is sensitive to a raised voice. He responds very well to gentle correction and learns quickly. He has learned to lie down on command and when told to leave the kitchen he will leave then stand in the door slowly inching back in one step at a time. He is an expert counter surfer, thus the reason we’ve trained him to leave the kitchen when food is out.

He is still a bit of a puppy and likes to explore things with his mouth. Paper, boxes, shoes, socks, plastic bottles, anything laying around is fair game. We’ve learned to declutter our house and have plenty of toys on hand. He can destroy a stuffy with a squeaker in seconds but once the squeaker dies he’ll move on to another one. Tennis balls are fun and he is learning to play fetch. Cadet loves being outside and often goes to the door to go outside just to lie in the grass…or run zoomies! 0 or 45 MPH, not much in between!

Cadet is a mouther once he is comfortable with a person. When he wants to play, ankles and hands are fair game as he reaches out to you to get your attention with his mouth. We’ve been working with him on that but sometimes he forgets himself. He loves to walk up to you then bow and stretch as a stalling tactic when he doesn’t want to do what you’ve just asked of him.

Cadet has crate anxiety and will whine and occasionally bark when left alone so he definitely will not work in an apartment or anywhere with a common wall. He also has mild storm anxiety but major anxiety from fireworks. Because of his crate anxiety, he sleeps on a pillow in our bedroom at night and does well. He will duck and back away if a hand moves suddenly over his head so we slowly approach him with a hand coming up and not downward. He will try to dart out a door so care must be taken to keep him restrained when opening an outside door.

Cadet would love to have some older children to play with, though he’s too excited to be around smaller children. He might unintentionally knock smaller children over. Cadet has a high prey drive and should not live with cats or small dogs.

He is very loving and snuggly and will walk up and put his chin on your arm to get ear scratches. He loves to be petted and will stand for 10 minutes at your side and keep turning to have your touch in different places. Cadet has a lot of love to give and is ready to receive some love from a family of his very own.

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