Cactus, fka AD Cactus Pet, is 1 1/2 year old black male born on February 19, 2019. His sire is DJs Octane and his dam is Hey Hey Mamma. Cactus headed straight for your couch and your heart. Cactus will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Cactus is a tall cool drink of water – a very handsome cow-doggie that is so calm and laid back for such a young boy. Cactus is very much a gentleman with no food protection tendencies, and after just a few days in his foster home, he learned to patiently wait his turn for food. Cactus loves toys and is also willing to share with his pack mates. He does not like being confined in a crate, though he does enjoy the option of being able to come and go from an open crate. He will likely do better in a forever home where crating won’t be necessary and he can have his own choice of space for sleeping overnight and napping.

Cactus’ height helps him with a favorite pastime, counter-surfing; his foster parents are working on that and it is under control by limiting opportunities and gentle correction - he has been very responsive to a firm “no”. He likes to follow his foster parents around throughout the house, and is starting to get more comfortable just chilling out. He hasn’t had many opportunities to see how he will do completely alone, so his ideal forever family will be retired or work from home so that they can continue working with him to stay by himself. He has not been destructive, however he does have a penchant for moving things around.

Cactus loves to chill and watch TV with the family – he even has some favorite shows – and likes to react to sirens and fire trucks. He loves to rest his head in your lap and be close and get petted. He’s such a gentle loving boy. He can be a little bit of a watchdog around the yard and also enjoys a good sunbath. Cactus has been very good on leash – a very important trait for a big boy – he hasn’t been reactive to joggers or bicycles passing by. Cactus rides very well in the car, and his foster Mom is still working on getting him in and out on his own. Cactus tested very well with small dogs, though he hasn’t lived with one yet, so his forever home will need to be vigilant as he settles in with new pack mates.

Cactus's Foster Parents