Cabella is an approximately 8 year old fawn female found as a stray by the Humane Society of North Texas. HSNT then contacted GALT to take this sweet girl into our family. It is obvious that Cabella has been mom to several litters of pups, and of course there is no history of her prior life. Cabella is definitely a people dog, as she loves spending time with anyone who will pet her!

Cabella is not small animal or cat tolerant at this time.

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Cabella, mia bella, the beautiful girl with the wisdom of the world in her eyes. One glance and she’ll melt your heart. I think in a past life, Cabella was a ballerina, a quiet beauty full of grace. She floats around the house like a gentle butterfly. You’ll often find Cabella on her bed curled up in a ball, nose tucked under a back leg sleeping. She is not fond of another dog getting too close to her when she’s in a mood. She can be quite the growler but never a biter. I don’t crate her; however, she is comfortable in a crate especially during thunderstorms. Cabella lives with another grey who has taught her how to play well with others, run zoomies and just have greyt fun. She is comfortable with a dog door and can sometimes be found outside soaking up the afternoon sun. She rides well in the car. I’ve been taking her for walks in the evening after work. She keeps a steady pace right by my side with an occasional spring in her step. She gets excited when she sees something move in the shrubbery be it a rabbit, a bird or a plastic bag stuck on a twig flapping in the breeze. We hold tight and watch until it’s safely out of site. Cabella has quite a prey drive and should not live with cats or small dogs. Cabella is a rare beauty and will be a loving companion.

Cabella's Foster Mom

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