Bullet, fka FF Silver Bullet, is a 2 year old red male born on November 5, 2018. His sire is BD’s Grayson and his dam is Held Mercury. Bullet has 6 races on Greyhound Data and came to GALT as part of a cruelty seizure. Bullet is cat tolerant.

Bullet is a big, gentle, sweetie pie. He loves to be around his humans, cuddle and will follow you around the house. He sleeps well through the night and is very ready to get up at the first sign of someone rolling over or a hint of daylight. He enjoys walks and does really well on the leash. He eats his meals fine though he is not overly food motivated. Bullet likes playing ball in the yard and he "enjoys" soft toys a bit too much and should not have these unsupervised.

Bullet lives in a foster home with several male dogs and was a bit intimidated at first until he found his place in the pack. He runs with the greyhounds in the backyard and gets along with them fine. We recommend socializing him with all sorts of dogs so that he keeps good manners with other dogs.

He has done fine in the crate besides a little bit of whining at first. Sometimes he even goes in there on his own. Bullet learned to do a small set of stairs; he is able to go up a big flight and has been too scared to come down on his own. With some time and patience, he would be able to learn.

Bullet quickly adapted to living with cats. He's curious about them, and will leave them alone when you say, "No kitty", and he happily leaves them alone even if given free access to them. His cat training will need to continue in his forever home and with any new kitty he's introduced to.

Bullet gets his teeth brushed every night and has learned to enjoy his ritual of teeth brushing followed by a treat before bed. We recommend continuing to brush daily to keep his teeth and gums healthy.

Bullet is calm for the most part and gets excited when we get home after being away for a while which is really nice. We have really loved having Bullet and know he will make someone really happy! Bullet is confident and could do well with a pack or as an only dog.

Bullet's Foster Parents