Buddy is an approximately 9 year old white and fawn male. Buddy has spent his whole life on a greyhound farm where he was the product of an oops litter. His owner unfortunately is now unable physically to care for him. Buddy is visually impaired as a result of advanced retinal degeneration most consistent with progressive retinal atrophy in both eyes. Buddy will eventually go blind. To see him now, you would never know there is a problem though; he is a happy, happy boy.

Buddy appears to be cat and small animal tolerant. He sniffs the outside kitty and back off with the slightest hiss.

This is a very special needs boy with a heart as big as Texas! Won't you let him race into your heart and home?

Buddy is a sweet Velcro boy who loves to snuggle up on his bed either in the office helping his foster dad 'work' or on the doggie couch just lounging . Buddy acts younger than his nine years, he loves to lean and get rubbing from his people, and also enjoys a game of bitey face with his housemates (we are working on curbing that game). Buddy walks really well on a leash, and would do best with a harness as his vision issues can make him pull a bit.

Buddy is a big, strong boy and has learned the landscape of our house and backyard fairly easily even with his limited sight. He sleeps through the night in our bedroom on a doggie bed. Buddy lives with an outside feral kitty in the backyard of his foster home and although he’s curious about her, he backs up as soon as the cat let's him know she isn't in the mood for playtime.

He would do well in a home with or without other dogs, he loves his people the most so someone working from home would be perfect. If with another dog, we recommend a calm dog who doesn't try to 'play' too much, he gets anxious when others are jumping and barking as he can't see well enough to determine it's just play. Buddy doesn't let his poor eyesight keep him from adapting to his surroundings and enjoying life.

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