Buck is estimated to be a 6 year old fawn male born on 2016. He was in a home for some time but was returned through no fault of his own. He is ready for his next home. Buck will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Buck is a BIG love bug and there is a lot to love about this boy. Buck is one of the sweetest dogs that has passed through our front door. He is an incredibly loving soul with a giant smile. He has been an absolute gentleman in the house and has gotten along famously with our two female sighthounds.

Buck loves to cuddle and be near his people. This may be a selling point if the winter is cold!!! He doesn't mind other dogs being close by though he doesn't seem to need the company of another dog. He has been allowed on the furniture in his previous homes so his new family should be one that enjoys sofa and bed snuggles.

Most of the time he is super chill, and occasionally he gets a wild hair and jumps straight up in the air like a kangaroo! This usually happens when he suspects we are going for a w-a-l-k or a c-a-r r-i-d-e. He has learned to sit before being offered his meals and is eager to learn. He also enjoys a quick romp around the backyard and really seems to enjoy being outside.

Buck would do well as an only dog. He's a super sweet fella looking for a forever family to give him hugs and love. Do you have a spot on your couch for Buck?

Buck's Foster Parents

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