Brook Brook

Brook, aka AZ Clever Brook, is a two-year-old black brindle petite female born April 12, 2000. Brook's racing career never got off the ground, as she was not able to qualify at the track. She is overly sweet, and loves, loves attention! She will be a winner as a companion pet! Brook gets along very, very well with other greys.


Brook is a very active, loveable girl. She loves to go for walks and run around in the back yard. Brook is a very interactive grey, loving attention, treats, meal time and playing with other dogs, though she's not the most gentle of playmates. She likes toys, and loves to empty the toy basket.

Brook does well in the house and is house broken. She jumps on you when she's excited. She has a good appetite and is a neat eater, but a messy drinker and you usually end up mopping up the water that didn't quite make it into her mouth. She likes treats.

She likes to be with you and around you, and likes to get petted. She will tolerate a bath. She does best if she sleeps with you in the same room. She stays in her bed or crate, and sleeps through the night with no fuss. She likes to lay on the couch and on the bed if allowed.

She listens very well and is very bright so she will be an excellent candidate for further obedience training. She jumps in the truck on her own, and rides well...likes to be near you looking out the window.

Brook would do best in a home with no small children, but with someone who has the time and is willing to give her regular attention.

Brook loves people and is just a GREYT Girl!

Brook's Foster Mom
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