Bridgette, is a 1 year old black female born on July 1, 2019. Her sire is Defrim Bale and her dam is Dancing Lafonda. Bridgette was never individually registered with the NGA and therefore was never going to be a racer. She is presently undergoing medical evaluation and will be tested with cats soon. Bridgette is small dog tolerant. We can’t wait to see her blossom in her foster home so check back later for more details.

Bridgette was adopted but was returned through no fault of her own. She is currently looking for her forever home!

Bridgette is a gorgeous, petite one-year-old princess with IQ to match her beauty. Her coat is glossy black except for white toes and a charming chest blaze. The day I brought her home, she simply followed the pack out the dog door and poof – she had mastered it. Since then, she has continued to demonstrate her smart, observant personality by figuring out the crate and other house manners with ease.

This sweet little girl loves playing with toys, especially when it involves tug-of-war with her foster brother. She also enjoys tossing, rolling, bouncing, and chasing balls or carrying toys in her mouth as she runs around the yard. Bridgette has an engaging, optimistic personality that allows her to easily fit in with my pack. When it comes to humans, she is like Will Rogers: she has never met a stranger. She wags her tail at everyone she meets. She is small dog safe though because she is young and plays puppy-rough sometimes, I suggest supervised play with dogs smaller than herself until she gets settled in a new home.

Bridgette is a love sponge and enjoys snuggling up with her head in your lap. She sleeps through the night, sometimes on a dog bed, sometimes in the crate, which I leave open for all to use. She is highly food motivated, smart, and eager to please her humans. It seems like she would be easy to train in fun things like agility or diving.

Apartment life is not for this girl, she barks when she gets excited. Bridgette is looking for a home with a yard and other dogs, preferably young greyhounds, or another large breed so she can romp and play.

Bridgette's Foster Mom

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