Bridget, aka TNJ Bridget, is a beautiful, two-year-old white female born January 5, 2006. Her sire is Pat C Die Hard, making her grandsire the late famous Molotov, and her dam is TNJ Paprika, making her grandsire the late famous Gable Dodge. With a blood line like this, there were greyt hopes that Bridget would go far. However, on December 8, Bridget broke her left front leg - the distal radius and ulna fractured. Her racing career of 25 races was halted at the Corpus Christi track. Bridget was transferred to Austin and had surgery on Monday, December 10 under the care of Dr. Alice Runk of the Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital. A plate with two screws was used to repair the fracture, and Bridget was officially released from Dr. Runk's care on February 6. Bridget is now on the circuit to find her forever home. Bridget is in a foster home with a cat and with children and appears to do well with both. Hopefully she will do as well when tested with small dogs.

Bridget is white with brown polka dots on her left ear and mostly solid brown on her right ear - cute, cute, cute! Her ears often tip at different angles. She also has black skin dots (ticking) that show through her white hair.

She has been recuperating in a foster home from a broken front left leg. She has been released from the vet but will need to be leash walked for a few weeks.

Bridget is a sweet girl, curious, happy, loves to eat. She sometimes jumps if there is a sudden loud noise or if you make a sudden movement. She loves to lie in the sun and have her belly rubbed. When she is happy she curls her upper lip into (what looks like) a smile and her tail goes around in circles.

She is vocal when food is being readied and she wants to eat (whines). She is paces back and forth and sometimes whines when she wants to go out. Bridget had no interest in the dog door. She has not tried to get on any of the furniture but eyes the bed from time to time. At night she sleeps on a dog bed in the same room with her humans and the other dogs. Nylabones and towels are her toys (if she finds one).

She enjoys having her space but also really wants to play. She will have more opportunities now that her activity will not be so restricted. She play-bows at all the dogs and people and wants to engage them in play.

Bridget's Foster Family
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