Zsa Zsa is running at the rainbow bridge - she went on her final vet visit this morning after a middle-of-the-night seizure that knocked out the remainder of her strength. She had been fighting an aggressive bone marrow cancer.

The first time Zsa Zsa came into our home as a foster back in December 2008, she and Delilah got into a fight. We were still fairly new foster parents at that point, and weren't quite up for dealing with that kind of dog drama. So she went to another foster home.

She came back into our lives six months later, supposedly temporarily, as someone was coming to pick her up the same day she got dropped off. That didn't happen as planned, and she settled in to our household much more smoothly this time. We had matured as foster parents, and our personal dogs had gotten more used to fosters coming and going. Before long, there was no way this sweet girl was going anywhere else except for an adoptive home.

Zsa Zsa was a racer for one season and then went on to help other dogs as a blood donor for several years. She was in the GALT system for a year and a half, and was our foster for ten months. She had a wonderful personality, she was just the cutest girl. Zsa Zsa could play with a tennis ball like nobody's business. She accepted attention with quiet dignity, but didn't really seek it out. She did seek out treats - a fiend for food! She had a surprisingly deep bark for a little girl, but we didn't hear it very often. She loved to use our couch as a back scratcher (video). While not the most reliably house-trained dog we've had, she was perfect in every other way.

Zsa Zsa had been on seizure medication since coming to GALT. The medication controlled them perfectly for about a year. But she started having breakthrough seizures about five months ago, and we went through several iterations of adjusting her medication to try to get them back under control. Initially we thought she was having trouble acclimating to her newest medication, but it became clear that it was something more serious. The past few weeks have been trying times with vet visits, blood tests, and keeping a 24-hour watch on her. She remained stoic to the end.

Zsazsie, we miss you, we love you, we feel privileged to have been your forever home.

Jen and David

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