Zeus, aka Bad Leg Walker, was GALT's first tagged Greyhound #001. He kept coming back to my house, so in 2002 I finally told him he could stay forever (I saw him breathe a sigh of relief). Unfortunately, "forever" wasn't long enough.

I knew I had grown to love Zeus, but I had no idea how much I would miss him - with all his quirks, issues and idiosyncrasies. But that's what made Zeus. He couldn't have been Zeus any other way. He had a very large personal space - he didn't like anyone to touch him (or even move near him) when he slept, step on him or get in his face. You had to tighten your grip and cross the street if you saw a small furry animal while on a walk. He backed up to you and parked his rear in your lap and wanted to be petted from the back.. He would spin like a maniac when he got out of his crate but looked at you with a blank stare if you said "spin" any other time. He insisted on eating outside even when he had the chance to eat inside. What a creature of habit he was. All of that is what made me love him. Every time he looked up at me with those huge brown eyes, I knew he loved me in his own way - and that made it all the more special. Every day a memory of him tugs at my heart. He was a big boy with a big presence that left a big void.

Enjoy your space, sweet Zeus. Be sweet to Taylor and Sage.

Suzanne Griggs

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