I have just spent the past seven years with the most wonderful companion. My Vinny lost his battle with osteosarcoma on November 15 and I miss him so desperately. But, let me celebrate his life.

I know that all of you feel the same way about your own greys, but Vinny was the most loving, well-mannered, gentle, intelligent boy you would ever know.

From the very first time I met him he looked into my eyes when I spoke to him. I think I took that for granted until friends commented that he most certainly adored me and seemed to hang on my every word. He loved me and he knew how much I loved him.

I had not had him very long when we attended a GALT party. We were all out in the back yard and most of the dogs were running around the yard playing. I encouraged Vinny to run and play. But, when I sat down on the grass, Vinny lay down with his head in my lap.

He would go anywhere with me. He loved what I loved. He loved our three cats. But Katie, the calico, was his devoted friend. She groomed him and ran to greet him at the door when we came home from a walk. She slept on his bed with him and was with him when he passed on.

I can still see him laying on the couch. If I turned to look over at him, his head popped up and his ears stood up. Was it time for a walk? Was it time for a chewy? Maybe it was just time to say I love you and I'm glad we've shared this time together.

God bless my "wee man".

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