Twister was the first pup that I adopted after I retired, from the last litter whelped at EZ Greyhound. I had gone to the farm to take photos of some adults that were being placed, and this 10-week-old brindle baby boy stole my heart. From the day I brought him home till today, when he died as the result of a tragic accident while running, he was a happy, happy boy, with only one speed: full bore.

Twister had his share of health issues as a young dog he started limping and my vet determined that the head of his femur had died. Dr. C performed an FHO to remove the head of the femur and all the dead bone tissue. Twister did very well post-surgery, and really enjoyed swimming in Lake Quitman as part of his rehab, but his right rear leg ended up significantly shorter than his left. He would pull that leg up when he walked until I told him "right leg, Twister" at which point he’d use it normally. When he ran, though, that leg would not hit the ground, instead flailing wildly about.

Twister was excited when I brought home a puppy Borzoi for him. He was still enough of a puppy to really enjoy her and her antics. He loved his Foxy Baby, as she became his favorite chase partner. He was also the "big brother" to the young Greyhounds I've fostered – most recently Christy Ellin and Bradley. He showed them the ropes here in the woods, and if they have any bad habits, you can blame Twister!

There are better-behaved Greyhounds – he was stubborn, and a bit of an ass with adult males - but there could never be one that enjoyed life so much. Whether it was running out the door to chase the squirrels up a tree, or tearing along the paths in the yard (gimpy leg a-flopping), or just taking a shortcut through the kitchen at mealtime, he did it all with a huge grin on his face. Above all, though, Twister loved his momma and was my special boy. As a pup he slept on my chest, and as an adult he'd sleep as close to me as possible, sometimes on top of me. I don't know how I'll sleep without being pinned under the blankets by a Twisty mess.

My heart is crushed at his sudden loss, but my life was so enriched by his presence that I will soon be laughing at memories of his antics. Godspeed, little man – sweet dreams.

"Twist-a-lot" (from EZ Shock Alot and EZ Twisted Sis), my Twister – June 2, 2010 to December 23, 2014. Run fast with angels, with gimpy leg no more!

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