Shadrock, aka Figs Shadrack, was our first "baby." We adopted him after volunteering to walk the dogs at Hemopet. We'd never met a greyhound and weren't even considering adopting a dog, but after spending the afternoon there, we were won over. Our home was the first home he'd ever been in. He didn't even know how to walk up the flight of stairs to get into our condo. Paw by paw and shaking like a leaf we helped him climb up the stairs (up was a lot easier than down!), taught him not to walk through the sliding glass door, and laughed as he barked at himself in the mirrored closet doors. There was no turning back from then on...soon we decided he needed a friend - so we adopted Chunke, then we needed a bigger car – so we bought an SUV, then we needed a yard – so we bought a house, etc. He saw us through from newlyweds, to new parents, and a cross-country move without missing a beat. We were devastated to learn he had osteosarcoma and to have to let him go just weeks later. He was a sweet, handsome, gentle boy, definitely a people pleaser, loved attention and treats, of course, but was happy just to be near people. He took retirement very seriously, always scoping out the most comfortable place to nap! He never got up on the furniture, hardly ever barked, loved to go out for walks and drives, and always perked up when he saw a bunny! We miss him much but know he is happily running and playing across the Rainbow Bridge.

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