My Sweet Light Fawn Brindle Girl
by Suzanne Griggs

Her name, Sage, fit her color. I saw her at a meet and greet in the Spring, 1999, standing in the back holding up one of her front paws. She had a toe injury and needed to have her toe amputated. She looked so sad with those big chocolate brown eyes. I immediately said I wanted to adopt her. (I was looking for a female to go with the male I had adopted 6 months earlier.)

She came into our family and into our hearts in May, 1999. She was a 5½-year-old brood matron who never raced. She fit in immediately and of course, ran the show. She graciously accepted every foster that came into her home. She accepted the three male greyhounds who were a permanent part of her family. She kept them all in line in her quiet, unassuming way. She didn’t have to throw her 64 pounds around...they just knew she was the queen. She asked for so little and was grateful for so much. I called her my "forgotten" girl because she seemed so "normal" and was so much less demanding than the boys. She was quiet, sweet and independent.

She touched my heart the first time I saw her, and it breaks my heart to lose her. Even at age 9½ she should have had many more wonderful years. Going to the Rainbow Bridge prematurely was a tragedy, but hopefully some purpose will be served by that.

Sage, I miss you every day; and I will miss you every succeeding day. You can wait for me at the Bridge with Dane and Raven. I know you will keep them in line, too.

Cash, Montana and Zeus miss you. You will not be forgotten. I love you my sweet Sagie.

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