It's been a year since you made your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you every day, you were my heart dog. When I first saw you hiding in the corner at the kennel, I knew that I needed you in my life. You were such a scared little girl, but in time you learned to trust and to love. I hope you knew how special you were. Strangers and big crowds still had you tucking your tail but you knew if you were with us you were safe. But oh how things changed when you were home with your toys and your yard to run and play in. I loved watching you lay in the sun! And you could "roach" with the best of them! It didn't matter if you were on the sofa, on your dog bed or on top of someone's head while they were sleeping! I don't know how may mornings I woke up with your bum in my face! You had just started to really come out of your shell in the last 3 or 4 years of your life and Mommy and Daddy were so proud of you! To us you were our silly little girl and Daddy always called you "Sweetie Pie." There isn't a day that goes by that I don’t think about you Ruby! I wish you were still here with us......... I hope you and Di, Glory and Jazz are having fun together and that you are laying in a soft patch of grass working on your tan. Mommy and Daddy Miss You and Love You With All Our Hearts!