Today (April 13, 2004) there is an empty place in our hearts and in my friend's home for Sweet Roxy, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a few months back and passed away only a few hours ago. I know that everywhere my friend, Lorien, looks and everything she does will remind her of her adorable companion Roxy.

Roxy came into our lives in Fall 1998 as a very happy healthy grey beauty. She brought life and happiness into our small college home. Lorien rescued her from a Mobile, Alabama track over 6 years ago. The poor girl was very underweight and in need of a lot of TLC.

Lorien and I always wanted to rescue a greyhound so when we looked for a house to rent near college we specifically wanted one that would accept large dogs. As soon as we found a house and moved in, Lorien filled out the adoption paper work and Roxy came into our lives. Roxy was a very calm, sweet girl who loved LOTS of attention. When she wasn't getting what she thought was enough she would voice it with a few whines and a wagging tail that could just about knock anyone over.

Time passed and I had to leave Roxy with Lorien, her mom, and move to Texas. I missed the companionship of these great dogs so much I decided to volunteer with GALT. Thanks to Roxy's 'greyhound influence' I am now one of GALT's foster moms. I know next time I visit Lorien in Baton Rouge, I will probably start whistling when she opens the door, looking for Sweet Roxy wagging her tail like crazy at me, and then it will hit me that she is no longer with us. Even though sadness will come with this realization, I know that not only have we made a difference in Roxy's life through love and caring, she has touched all of our lives as well. Roxy introduced all of us to greyhounds, and the 'greyhound experience'. She gave Lorien, our friends, and me a passion for these animals making us aware of how one person can make a difference to these devoted companions.

To Lorien, my friend, how you touched this dog's life; she was in need of a home and you provided her one. I found a neat poem that I think fits Roxy's personality so read it and think of her:

The Retired Greyhound

The greatest thing I've ever known,
Someone came and took me home.
I'm away from the track; hope I never go back!
Like a nightmare in my memory, my future looks black.

Then I was adopted and my life was spared.
I thank God everyday that someone cared.
This must be heaven, I'm a winner this time,
Got a ball, a bone, and a bed that's all mine.

I'm crazy about my family;
Devoted you might say.
Like a shadow beside them,
You bet I want to stay.

I'm special too, they call me "sweetheart",
They hug me and kiss me and tell me I'm smart.
Even dreams are more peaceful; no stress, no strife,
Now I run for fun and not for my life

Goodbye to our beautiful grey girl. Thank you so much for all of the memories you gave to us and our family of friends. Run free now with all of your doggie friends. We will never forget you.

In Loving Memory,
Angela Walling
Lorien & Issac Kuo
Andrea & Patrick O'ostenrijk
The Schupp Family
The Phelps Family
The Harget Family
The Walling Family
and MANY more!!!

You have touched us all !!!

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