Rosebud came to me from the St.Louis Greyhound Rescue. She was 3 years old and had raced at Dairyland Geyhound Park in Wisconsin. She was the most beautiful, sweet girl you could imagine. I adopted her after I had just gone through a bad divorce and Rosie had had a hard time in her racing days. Together, we helped each other heal. When Rosie was ten years old I brought a seven week old Italian Greyhound into our lives and Rosie instantly became "Mom" to my little guy. Rosebud and Rocket were tremendous buddies.

When Rosebud was 17 and half years old (yes - 17 and a half!), she was diagnosed with leg cancer and I had to let her go. It was - and still is - the most painful thing I ever had to go through. That was almost three years ago, and I am just now ready to adopt another greyhound. Not to replace my Rosebud, but so that her spirit can live on. I was lucky to have had so many years with my angel.

C. Wells

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