Rosa became a part of my family in October of 1997 when she arrived off a kennel truck coming from Connecticut to Ohio. When she was taken off the truck, she was the most beautiful solid black grey and everyone else who was also there to adopt a grey that day wanted to trade me dogs... Thank goodness I had already signed all the paperwork. She immediately took to our family, and especially to the "monster cat" (Spaz) that had already been a part of the family. Although she was crate trained, she only spent a short time in her kennel before she had run of the house. She and Spaz got along great; so much so, that they would lay on the sofa together and snuggle.

Rosa helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I went through a divorce. We moved from Ohio to Chicago, Il. and she took from having a big backyard to a small apartment very well. We were there about 2 1/2 years and she was not only the friendliest dog in the neighborhood, but also the fastest (and she knew it too!). Rosa loved to play in the snow and she was very good at catching snowballs in her mouth. We then decided to leave the cold weather and move to Dallas where it's much warmer. Rosa once again adapted so well to her new surroundings. She made all kinds of new friends, and was still loved by everyone she ever met.

This past June, I purchased a home in Little Elm and Rosa had a big backyard to run in. She had lots of neighbors that loved to come over and play with her and all the neighborhood kids loved Rosa. They would come to play with Rosa, not me. She adapted well to her new home and loved to lay in the backyard and sun herself no matter how hot it got.

Rosa spent most of her retired life on the sofa and going for walks, but she loved to "go for a ride" in my truck. She made several long journeys back to Ohio to play with her cousin Eddie who is a Boxer. She had about 20 acres to run and play at Grandpa's house and she took advantage of every bit of that. She also learned how to swim last summer with the help of a doggie life jacket. She was the 70 mile-an-hour dog when we'd go on road trips, as she loved to stick her head out the window.

She is missed so much by me and my family and friends...anyone who knows me, knows that Rosa was right beside me all the time. Rosa will always be a part of my heart and home and I know that she's crossed over to chase as many rabbits as she wants. Play hard Sweetpea and thank you for making the time we spent together so special! I Love You!

Beth Brockert

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