Red came into our lives as a temporary foster in July 2007. He stayed until, in December 2007, we decided that Red was not going to be going anywhere and that he was in his Forever home! He is such a sweet ol' guy who is so loving and happy. Red's body may be getting older and weaker, but his heart is young and full of spirit. Every once in awhile he tries to run in the back yard, his eyes get big and he looks so excited, but his weak rear-end only lets him go a few steps. It is so cute and sad all at the same time. Also, everyday he bounces around (lifting his front feet off the ground) in circles to let us know he has to go outside or when it is time to eat. While he is doing this he sometimes talks (a short woof or snort). When you talk to him he will talk back to you and his eyes look so expressive like he knows just what you are saying and he is trying to respond.

Red wears non-slide booties on his back feet to keep him from sliding and falling like Bambi on the wood and tile floors. It is very interesting that he knows when he does not have the booties on, he walks very carefully but when he has them on his step is very confident. When I leave in the morning I give everyone a treat. Red follows me from one end of the house to the other (bouncing his head against my side) as I am dispensing the treats to the other dogs. When I get to the front room I turn and give Red his treat. He then turns and RUNS down the tile hallway to a dog bed in the living room. The whole way his rear end is wobbling and his booties are making slapping noises on the floor. It makes me laugh every morning as I walk out the door – what an AWESOME way to start the day!

Every once in awhile you will hear him making noises and carrying on and when you go to see what he is doing – he is pouncing at the cat and the cat is egging him on. There is not a day that goes by that Red does not make me laugh or put a big smile on my face. Red cannot go for walks and he cannot be allowed to get too hot or too excited as he has laryngeal paralysis, but this does not keep him from enjoying a full, happy RETIRED life. He is the BEST!

I cannot imagine life without this sweet, sweet, loving, smart ol' man. Thank you, Kristin, for bringing Red into our lives and GALT for letting him stay.

It was a very special privilege and honor to know and love Red and an even greater honor to have been loved by him! Run free my sweet old man, run free! I will love you forever!

Barb Bray