Already an older gal, Pocahontas was nabbed as a stray in the Amarillo area before linking up with the GALT network. Having no ear tattoos, she was suspected by her adopted humans to have had a successful career as a coyote hunter, as she quickly established dominance over Rony, her 100-lb. German Shepherd couch-mate who was more than content to let her eat first at suppertime.

To characterize her as wonderfully "eccentric" would be an understatement. More socially inclined than the average track dog, she preferred not to bark, but her laugh was reminiscent of an Alpine yodeler. She loved to go jogging and perfected the masculine art of "marking" her territory as she skipped along. "Play" for her meant chaotic sprints around the backyard interrupted only by energetic bursts of a bizarre backwards spinning motion that made her look like a miniature tornado. Though she and Rony diligently set themselves to the task of catching one of the many backyard squirrels, they never succeeded. We hope she departed with no other regrets. The squirrels will be the only neighborhood inhabitants that will not miss her sorely...

Ounce by ounce, she was taken from us by renal failure. Poca, we hope you find an unguarded package of hot dogs waiting for you on the kitchen table at the other side of the bridge!

Len and Laura Dippel, and best friend, Rony

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