Patrick (Aka Whytell Olive) was Adopted from HOT Greyhounds out of San Antonio. Known by his last family as "Oliver" he was a returned Grey that was living with a family with a little girl. We had a young son and the foster family said Oliver was great with kids, her daughter even stepped on him and he did not snap or bite. So we drove down to San Antonio to pick him up. Patrick was a great fit for our family, but he had never lived in a house without other greyhounds and was having problems when he was left by himself. So it was either drugs or adopt another dog to keep him company. That is where the GALT family came back in with EarlyBird (who passed away this spring) Patrick enjoyed his retirement years. Spent a lot of time digging several large holes in our backyard. There probably is still some stuffies buried back there. His favorite squeekies where always the Giraffes, we never figured that one out, but he would not share those like the others.

Patrick was not a leaner, would not come lay down next to you, however he did like to nudge when he wanted attention. When he made you laugh, he would do it harder. That was how he played. Over the last year, our nightly walks got shorter and shorter. The last month I was lucky to get him to walk more than a few houses down before he would turn around and walk back home.

I am going to miss our nightly walks.

Bryan & Debbie James