Oreo, racing name C'mon Get a Grip, May 7 2001 - December 21, 2012. Beloved and cherished by Leslie Mammele.

Written by her dear friend, Janine:

Thoughts about Oreo... As much as everyone - friends and strangers alike - loved Oreo, he was not really a "people" dog. He was extremely tolerant and excellent with children, but he didn't gravitate to people for petting or hugs like most dogs. He preferred adventure in the form of trouble. Stealing food wasn't much of a challenge for him but he always worked to perfect his technique. I have numerous photos of Oreo with his head in bags (always someone else's, never his momma's). He would do anything for food, so you knew when he started to refuse food there had to be something seriously wrong.

Oreo had the softest fur you could imagine, and unlike Rock, he was always sparkling white. Ironically, his fur was like a rabbit's, and you just wanted to bury your hands in it.

I will miss his singing most of all, I think. I can proudly say I was one of the few people besides his momma who could get him to sing. When he wasn't in the mood he would moan like a sick cow, but usually he would cooperate, entertaining kids and adults alike. No matter how many times he did it, his singing ALWAYS made me laugh.

Oreo always had something to say. His momma taught him to use his "inside voice" and it was a riot to hear him switch from belting out his opinion to using a quiet voice.

One of Oreo's quirks was a dislike of yellow dogs. Hard to believe, but he could tell the difference and always let them know how he felt about them.

The world just won't be right anymore without Oreo in it. I always thought he would live forever. I guess we always think that, or we hope so, anyway. It may not be rational but what's rational about love? Good night, Oreo.

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