Nadia (aka Doctor Denzel)

Last August I was looking through some dogs at farms that were to be re-homed. I had lost my Doberman girl, Nova, to osteosarcoma in May and my Weim, Nash Bridges, to lymphoma the previous September, and was finally ready to re-build my pack. My eye was drawn to AHK Stormy, a young girl, so I emailed her owner. He asked me if I was looking for a pup, or just a new partner - I just wanted a partner, so he told me about some retired broods he had up for adoption. He recommended two of them, Lost the Plan (7 years old) and Doctor Denzel (10 years old).

I decided on the Irish girl Lost the Plan (I named her Tallulah), as I didn't want a 10-year-old dog (having lost 2 pack members, with 2 more really in hospice here). I went to pick her up, and as we were leaving Tallulah went up to this tiny old gal in a kennel by herself and kissed her through the fence. That was Doctor Denzel. I went home and thought about it, and decided to take her too.

Nadia was a love from the day she came home. She was mom to every Grey I fostered - no matter how big they were, if they acted up she'd grab their muzzle and settle them down. She finally learned to sleep on the bed with me, not moving all night and sometimes sleeping in, in the morning. Nadia had an appetite, but she'd usually wait till everyone was done and have the bowls to herself. Her favorite foods were sirloin steak and green tripe, and she especially liked me to feed her by hand.

She was diagnosed just last week with a bone tumor, but I hoped we'd still have lots of time for me to tell her how much she means to me, and how much I love her. Nadia left me far too soon, and there is an ache in my heart almost too much to bear.

One of my list friends had this to say to me, and it sums up Nadia's life with me:

"Remember they fall through our hearts into Heaven, through our arms into God's"

Godspeed, Nadia - I miss you so much!

Lin and the GreyGirls Alexa, Cinderella, Tallulah, and angel Nadia, now running at the bridge

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