We thought we had struck gold the day we met Max. What did we do to deserve this beautiful boy? We couldn't get over how striking he was. His eyes were reminiscent of a golden sunrise and his coat was a luxurious, light (blue) fawn color. He was the softest greyhound ever!

Max was a bit stoic at times and preferred to spend a lot of his time resting in bed. In fact he would often kick his mom out of bed so he and papa would have the whole bed to themselves. Max was a late riser and was known to stay in bed as late as 9:30am on some weekends. We loved that about him, he was in no hurry to get his day started.

Max lived his life with a gentle touch and was very respectful. He was beginning to age very gracefully until a horrible disease took hold of him. We'll keep his memory alive forever and are comforted knowing he is no longer in pain. Run free "Little Boy."

We want to thank John and Susie McQuade for all they did to help us get through this very difficult time. Susie, you were there for us throughout and we love you for that. Many thanks to all those who have sent us well wishes and have us in their thoughts and prayers.

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