Mariah joined our family in February 2007 at the ripe old age of twelve. She has the cutest little mohawk running down her neck and is so petite, sweet, adorable, and a shameless flirt with our male German Shepherd. She prances around him and scolds him if he ignores her.

Mariah blended in immediately with our pack of greyhounds, Emma, aka Omega (11), and Oprah (soon to be 11) - both from GALT - and our Valentine (4) from a local kill shelter. Mariah has perfect house manners and greets visitors with a silly smile and a big tail wag. She joins Emma and Oprah in the front yard patrolling for pests and loves sticking her needlenose into the neighbors' business...and always gets rewarded by them with a visit. We absolutely love senior hounds because they already know what they want in - and they return it tenfold.

Marian and Lonnie Jones

Mariah Mariah

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