I have some very sad news, we lost our sweet Lulu last night, she had been fighting cancer in her left leg since February 2013. Although we only had her 20 months she stole our hearts and was the sweetest little girl. I think we are still in shock, Cheryl has been her care giver over the last few months giving her medicine and fixing her special meals. I think Cheryl and I were lucky to find Lulu and Lulu was lucky to find us, there is nothing we wouldn't have done for her. When we adopted a senior we knew we would only have a few years, it never even crossed my mind that the time would be so short. Lulu was so special and so sweet we would have done anything if we could have had her longer, there is no way I would let her suffer. You don't realize how your daily routine is affected by these greyhounds, they bring such love into the home.

Jerry and Cheryl Battle

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