Letter to Lucy

You came into our lives just a few short months ago, very small and timid. It didn't take you very long to steal our hearts. Every morning you were so happy to greet us the moment we stepped foot out of bed, wagging your tail so fast and patiently waiting for a quick little pat. After you ate your breakfast you came over and placed your tiny head in our laps for your morning ear rub, groaning with pleasure the faster we rubbed. When we arrived home after a long day at work or just out for a short trip, you were always at the door so happy to see us, even though you weren't feeling well. You were always by our side, patiently waiting for a free hand for that simple little touch. Even when you were so very sick, you kept it from us so we would not be sad. Lucy you asked for so little, but gave so much.

We look at your empty pillow now and realize just how much you meant to the entire family. The house is very quiet, with everyone grieving and in deep thought of the happy times with you in our home. Jig and Sassie don't quite understand and keep searching for you and hoping you return soon. They still have each other, but it's not entirely the same with you gone. You taught us how wonderful it is to adopt a senior greyhound. To know the last few months of your life were happy, comfortable and content makes our short time together worth every moment. We may all be sad now; but, as time goes by we will remember all those wonderful moments with you and know you were meant to be a part of our lives. People say you were lucky to have us, but they are so wrong; we were the lucky ones. Please remember, we love you so much our little angel Lucy. Thank you for the time you had to give.

All our love,
Ken, Stephanie, Jig and Sassie Lamoreaux

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