Lola came into our lives and created a human pack of her own without even trying.

Kelly Craven was her emergency foster mom while Lola recuperated from a deep cut to her foot. When it was time to move Lola into her "real" foster home with me, Kelly and I met and began a wonderful friendship.

In December of 2002 I took Lola to a Meet and Greet at Dallas Expo. I was told that a couple named the Sullivans had stopped in to meet Lola, and they would be returning to the GALT area after doing some shopping. Lola was her usual self: quiet, withdrawn, not interested in making eye contact. I was thinking she wouldn't make much of an impression on anyone unless the amazing color and incredible softness of her blue coat would win people over. I kept scanning the crowd. Of course, Lola hung back, completely uninterested in everything and everyone.

But then something wonderful happened. Suddenly Lola looked up and started walking forward towards a lady with short graying hair. She was Lori Sullivan. I was amazed... Lola was actually showing interest! Lori says it was because they had the same hair, but I knew it was because Lola had found her family. Lori and her husband Sully were won over. Lola had a home, and I had two more beautiful friends in my life.

Since then, all the people Lola brought together have become part of her human pack. If not for her, we all may never have met.

Lola Sullivan went to the Rainbow Bridge March 8, 2005, after a peaceful and happy life with Lori, Sully and her greyhound sister Zelda. She was deeply loved by her extended human pack.

The true measure of our love for each other is knowing when to let go. Lori and Sully are in our hearts during this difficult time. Thank you both for giving this lovely girl her forever home, and for having so much love and compassion for her that you knew when to let go.

Run free, dear Lola.

With love,
Your foster momma Lisa B.

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