Katie arrived in my home as an emergency foster on December 18, 2003 after the sudden death of her owner. Although I already had 7 greyhounds and a Borzoi I knew Katie had reached her forever home. Her nickname was Katie Potty Pants as she was incontinent. Katie brought with her a host of medical problems but a personality that would persevere through all. We beat the odds of her living in June but on Monday, October 11th, the diagnosis was Osteo. With a heavy heart I helped my Katie to the bridge.

As I was Katie's 3rd home none of her history made it to me. But we were able to build a history of love and devotion in the 10 short months she graced my life with her butterfly kisses and eyes that melted my heart.

Fly free my loved one and save a spot for me.

Carla Myers
Springfield, MO

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