Kate, aka Kissy Kay Bingo

We adopted Kate by accident. Her foster mentioned she had just received a beautiful blue brindle girl who still had her stitches. Would we like to see her? Kate shyly came out and we looked her over closely. We told Mary we would think about it and drove off. Kate had not been to a single meet and greet. On the way home, we looked at each other and said "DUH...what are we doing letting that beautiful girl get away." We picked her up the next day. Kate came into our home and immediately fit in as our first girl greyhound. We had two much larger boys who immediately accepted her into the pack. Over time, Kate and Jammer grew to be very close. Jammer taught Kate to be a thunderphobe and to become "Closet Kate," as is shown in one of the pictures.

Kate has never been any trouble. She always gets along with the other hounds that come and go through the foster program. She is slowing down a bit now and has become a picky eater as she approaches 14 years old in October 2006. She had major leg reconstruction in January 2006, when she suddenly broke her right rear femur, which was repaired with lots of screws, wire, and a plate. She recovered very quickly and has never looked back.

She is certainly the Number One Hound in our household because of her blue brindle beauty, her gentle disposition, and her always wanting to please. Kate loves to travel in a motor home and will get a 2nd chapter for travel upcoming soon. We hope she stays around a lot longer and continues to be our "Closet Kate."

David and Marilynn Cole

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