Julie -- f/k/a Gratify Julie – GALT Tag #1253

Our beautiful Julie – a/k/a The Softest Greyhound in the World – got her angel wings at home this afternoon after bravely fighting osteosarcoma for the last five months. She was on one of her favorite beds nestled with her beloved Wooly Mammath, while her Mom, Pop and greyhound brother Willie surrounded her with love. We had her for over 11 years, and she had just turned 13 in early May. The day she walked into the house and saw her first couch, she claimed it for her own and had been the Queen / Diva of the house ever since. Within a couple of days she had tried out her skills as a counter surfer, eating an entire batch of salmon patty mix. Cell phones and remotes were also victims of those first puppy days, but she quickly learned to follow the rules of the house. We loved her sweet smile, even after she lost most of her front teeth as she grew older. We’ll miss you, precious Julie – and we’ll see you and Hondo at the Rainbow Bridge.